5 Must Have Travel Accessories

5 Must Have Travel Accessories

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5 Must Have Travel Accessories

I love to travel and I’ve been blessed to have been given the opportunities throughout my life to do so. It doesn’t hurt that my parents love to travel too and don’t mind their daughter tagging along. Through all these experiences I’ve also come to love travel accessories. I know, it sounds weird right? But there’s lots of cool stuff out there, from very affordable to quite expensive. I want to share just a few of my favorites and those that I think are definite wins to have with you when traveling, especially internationally, although most on this list will work for domestic travel also.

#1- A Travel Tray

So handy to have with you when you travel….for that matter at home too. Have you ever lost something behind the bedside table at a hotel? Can’t find the hotel key or your car keys in your room? This travel tray from Magellans.com will help eliminate all that. It comes in a couple of different colors and because it unbuttons and lays flat it really doesn’t take up any space in your luggage. Like I said, I use mine at home too for a catch- all beside my bed; for my chapstick, glasses, tissues, you get the idea. 🙂


#2- Luggage Scale

Talk about a necessity when flying. Even if you don’t plan on taking a lot with you and/or even buying anything while you’re gone. It’s best to know how much your luggage weighs before getting to the airport. I had the pleasant experience (that was sarcasm if you weren’t sure :)), like others I know and have seen, unzipping two of my big suitcases to try and rearrange things, put things in my traveling companions’ bags, etc. I was hot, and sweaty and it was unpleasant. (we had forgotten to bring ours with!!!! ) We managed to get it close enough for the counter agent to let it go through but let me tell you. I had packed and placed things carefully so things wouldn’t break, so I knew where things were, etc. and to have to rearrange everything, at the last minute, wasn’t nice at all! So, even if you aren’t planning on taking much or bringing extra back it is still a good idea to have one of these little guys with you. They don’t weight much and they won’t take up valuable space. Note to self!

#3- Luggage Tag

My favorite one doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere anymore but here is an example of a great one to have. Not only is it large, but it’s bright colored, has my initial on it and theoretically, with that tag and my suitcase combo it will not get confused with anyone elses’ bags. I know, the airlines give you little paper luggage tags and if that’s all you’re interested in that’s cool. They will work, and I still use them on my smaller carry-on bags but why not invest in at least one good, well visible, strong luggage tag that will get you from point A to point B and back, again and again. Also, you have every opportunity to personalize yours, whether it be on amazon picking one that fits your style or on a site like Zazzle where you can add your own picture, etc. to really make it yours.

#4- Travel Slippers

I just feel like this one is a nice one to have. I usually bring flip flops for the bathroom but sometimes you wanna have more comfortable shoes to walk around the room, to just lounge in or run to the vending machine without having to put your real shoes on. Plus these are great for the airport, on those long flight. Get your feet out of your shoes and let them rest too. One great feature is that they have a thin non-skid sole so you don’t have to worry about things seeping through or slipping.
This is my second pair. My first pair I had, I wore them out once I got back home because they were that comfortable!

5 Must have travel accessories.

#5- Passport Holder

Talk about a must have! I searched and searched for a passport holder that would fit two passports. My mom had a great one but I think it was a paper holder from an insurance company rather than an actual passport holder. Which meant there was no way to buy one for myself. Needless to say, for the life of me I couldn’t find one that had two.
Lots of single passport holders out there but now that I have my son I wanted, needed one that held two. I wanted them in one place so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with finding the other one, figuring out which was which etc.. Plus, on top of all that, I was looking for one with RFID blocking, cause you just never know- right?! I stumbled across this one and was in love, especially after I bought it. It had plenty of pockets, the slots for the passports are nice tight-fitting and I can have everything ready for security and at the gate in one place. Knowing it has the RFID blocking is an extra sigh of relief too when you’re traveling.

So, there you have it. My list of a few of the best must have travel accessories!
What do you think? What are your favorite travel accessories?

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