10 Helpful and Practical Travel Accessories

10 Helpful and Practical Travel Accessories

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10 Helpful and practical travel accessories you wouldn't think to get. Free printable packing list. #travel #travelaccessories #musthaves
10 Helpful and practical travel accessories. Free printable packing list. #travel #travelaccessories #musthaves
10 Must Have Helpful and practical travel accessories. Free printable packing list. #travel #travelaccessories #musthaves

10 Helpful and Practical Travel Accessories

Are you getting ready to go on a trip?

One that is more than a week? How about three weeks?

After talking to a friend of mine the other day, we got talking about her and her husbands upcoming three-week trip to Europe.

For someone who loves to travel, and has been very blessed to have traveled a lot in my life – including, literally, going around the world twice (not trying to brag just giving a reference). Excited doesn’t even begin to describe  how I felt hearing about her trip. Even though I wasn’t even going with!

She was explaining to me all the travel accessories they had asked for at Christmas. Not only that, she and her husband were still going to be asking for things for upcoming birthdays!

Needless to say, there’s a lot of stuff to take with you on a three week trip.

I had so many suggestions and ideas come to my mind that I thought I’d share them with you too!

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Helpful and Practical Travel Accessories
Travel Tray

I cannot! rave about a travel tray enough. They are one of the most helpful and practical travel accessories you could ever have in your arsenal of travel accessories. Not only are they fairly inexpensive but they pack flat!!!! Yup, you heard me right – flat! So they take up no space at all. And once you’re at your destination you won’t have to worry about losing your small items. Simply put them in your travel tray and ta-da, they are all safe and sound 🙂

Dry Laundry Detergent

Think you’ll be needing to do some laundry while your on your trip? Don’t want to have to worry about how or where to get detergent? And certainly don’t want to be lugging around detergent?

These great little detergent sheets take care of all those problems! Have you ever seen those packets of mints that come in little sheets? That’s what these are like. Dry and very compact.
One little sheet will take care of a small load, maybe one day’s worth of clothes. Easy-Peasy 🙂

Dry Shampoo Sheets

So these dry shampoo sheets are similar to the laundry sheets.
They don’t really take up any space yet they will take care of your shampooing needs during your trip.

Disposable underwear

Now here’s a great helpful travel accessory!

Why not get some disposable underwear for your trip?

Not only can they still be washed a few times, so you’re not being that wasteful, but  you can simply throw them away after a few wears and then have space in your suitcase 🙂

There are men’s disposable underwear and woman’s disposable underwear options available.

RFID Protection

Do your credit cards have a chip?

Did you know that it’s really easy for someone to steal your information from those chips  or even from the magnetic strips?

With all the identity issues going on these days and how easy it really is to get that information, then your best course of action is to make sure you are protected.
There are great men’s RFID wallets out there for the man in your life.  And for yourself, there are awesome women’s RFID purses to choose from. I personally have one and it really does give me a peace of mind when I travel that my credit cards and passport are safe.
Not only that, but some of the purses have other great safety features too. Look for ones that have slash-proof material and latches to keep your zippers closed. There are even some that have detachable straps to be able to wrap the strap around your chair or luggage to keep it from being snagged.


Do you need new luggage? Or just want to find something that will be a more helpful and practical travel accessory?

This carry-on bag from Lori Greiner is on my to-buy list once I have a little extra money.  It has a cool toiletry bag that’s included and how the bag sort of unfolds and then hooks to the handle when in tight spots I think is genius. It rolls on all four wheels for easy maneuvering through not only the airport but down the airplane aisles too.

Sun protection wrap

Are you planning on going to any religious areas during your trip?

Make sure you are wearing and/or have with you a long sleeve shirt, long pants or a long skirt. There are several sites that will not allow you in if you are not covered properly.

Now, some places will have items you can rent or buy once you’re there but if you already have it on or with you then you’ll save yourself some time and annoyance.

This sun protection wrap from Megallan’s.com is also on my to-buy list at some point. It can be worn as  a ‘hoodie’, it can wrap around you to warm you up but will also cover you up when going to religious areas. Plus it has the sun protection benefit too! Can never go wrong with that 🙂

Hair Dryer

I don’t use a hairdryer so this is never even a thought for me but I know for my friend and others out there it’s a necessity.

My first thought and suggestion is to check with your destination. Many hotels, motels, etc. provide  hair dryers. Why drag around your home dryer if there will always be one provided?

So you’ve checked with your destination and they don’t have one, or you just want to bring your own no matter what. This hair dryer can be a great alternative to your bulky home one. It folds, has two speeds and its own carrying bag to help keep it organized and separated from your other items.


Have you thought about this one?

If you are traveling outside of the United States you will need to double-check whether you will need a converter and/or which type you’ll need. This converter takes care of all that for you. it’s an all-in-one converter that also includes USB slots. Talk about practical and helpful!

Clothes Line

If you’ll be doing that laundry we talked about above, a clothes line will be extremely helpful. Instead of having to find places to hang your items to be dried, simply hang your clothes line (this one includes suction cups so no worries) and you have the perfect place to dry your items.

Now that we’ve made it through this list, are you looking for a great packing list to go with it? Especially one that already includes all the items mentioned in this list? Look no further 🙂 Get my Never Forget Anything Again Packing List and you’ll have everything you need to prep for your trip. It even includes a bonus list, just for you :)!

What are your most helpful and  practical travel accessories? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share in the comment section below!

Thanks and Happy Travels 🙂

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  1. Oh I love your comment about having proper attire for religious places. People definitely get turned away for their flip flops. I will remember a clothes line too. Usually I use the shower curtain rod. I need a vacation lol.

    • Oh my gosh, I guess I never really wear flip flops out and about so I didn’t even think about footwear!!! But you’re right, thanks!!! Well, a shower curtain rod works too:) I’m right there with you on the vacation!

  2. I’m going to travel soon too, so this lst is just what I was looking for. Thanks!

    • Good, I’m happy to hear that! If you happen to be looking for an awesome packing list too just click on the ‘Never Forget Anything Again’ picture in the post. It’s got a nice bonus list included. Where are you going?

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