Believe – Thought for the Every Day

Believe – Thought for the Every Day

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The word believe with a blue and white Love in a Mist flower


Spring is here!  You can see it in life all around us. Trees budding, flowers blooming, babies being born. And it is a time of renewal.

A time to stretch those legs, take a deep breath of crisp spring air and go outside and explore, learn and live.

Are you struggling with something in your life?

Work not going well?

A relationship on rocky ground?

Family life all topsy-turvy?

Believe that this spring can bring a renewal in you, and in anything that you are struggling with. Not just for today but for the rest of the year.

And, no, it’s probably not going to happen overnight and honestly, it may not even happen in the next week or even month. But that is part of what belief is all about. Life takes time. You and I and our lives are works in progress. It won’t always be good, and it shouldn’t be and that’s why we need to believe.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in God.

Believe in the Universe.


Believe that you are enough. That you were created for something wonderful and great.

Believe in Love.

 Do you believe?

This week, take time every day – when you first wake up, during a rest break in the day or in the evening before bed to remind yourself to believe.

Life can be tough, it can feel like it’ll never get better, like you may not be able to make it……but you can!!! Every day is a new day. Believe in that, in yourself and in time.

What helps you believe? Share with us to help us all believe just a little more!

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