Simple Games For Family Reunions That Will Make Them All Laugh

Simple Games For Family Reunions That Will Make Them All Laugh
House with Christmas decorations with text overlay – Simple Games for family reunions that will make them all laugh!!!!
Family playing games with text overlay – Simple games for family reunions.
Family spending time together with text overlay – Simple games for family reunions.
Family laughting together with text overlay – Family reunions games that’ll make ‘em laugh.

This post, Simple Games For Family Reunions The Will Make Them All Laugh, was originally published in 2018 and has been completely updated in June 2022.

Are you looking for some simple games for your next family reunion?

How well do you know your extended family?

How often do you even see your extended family?

Do you at least have the opportunity during the holidays to see them?

Or do you have to make special trips because they are just too far away?

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Whatever the case may be, I’ve got 4 awesome yet super simple games for your next family reunion!!!

Now, these games won’t probably be game-changers lol, (yes, pun intended :)) but you should get a good laugh with each other while learning some interesting info about your family!!!!

So let’s get started.

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First, the supplies you’ll need:

∼Multi-colored food: I like to go with M&M’s but jelly beans or any other type of individual candies that are in different colored wrappers would work.

∼Toilet paper

∼Paper and pens if you’d like but you can totally do without!

Now for the fun:


Our first of four simple games for family reunions include the much-beloved m&m’s 🙂

Here’s the concept: Everyone grabs however much they’d like.

You might need to suggest not too many if there are chocolate/m&m lovers in the group!

Then, for every color, they have to tell something about themselves.

For example – for each red they have to name a favorite book, for each green, they have to name a favorite movie, for each blue they have to name where they’d like to travel.

The list goes on.

Make up your own that fits your family the best. The possibilities are endless 🙂

Ice breakers are the perfect way to make any family get together better!!!

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Toilet paper∼

Our second of four simple games for family reunions involve the toilet paper.

This one is similar to the M&M’s game but it’s even simpler.

You get to tell the family that the toilet paper is running out and they need to grab what they think they’ll need for the next hour/few hours, etc.

Then, for each square they’ve grabbed, they have to tell something about themselves.

No specific subjects here, but you can always help encourage those who are struggling 🙂 Again, favorite book, tv show, a place they’d like to visit, etc.

And for those who took a lot, you can always show them mercy and give them a number of squares they need to share.

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Two Truths and One Lie∼

Our third of four simple games for family reunions include an oldie but a goodie!

And it’s as simple as it sounds.

Everyone comes up with two truths and one lie about themselves. This is when you can use paper if your want so everyone can write theirs down but it’s not necessary.

Each person shares their three with the group and then everyone votes on which one was the lie.

Whoever guesses correctly wins!!!

If you have the budget you could always have little prizes for those who guess correctly.

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Coke or Pepsi∼

Last but not least of our four simple games for family reunions include delicious drinks.

This one is my favorite!!

It is also simple.

Whoever is leading the game will come up with two options. (As the game progresses you can have family members come up with their own two options for the group to choose from.)

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When given the options, everyone will then pick a side that corresponds with their answer.

For example – Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

Those who like Coke stand on the right, and those who prefer Pepsi stand on the left. 

Would you rather live on an island or in the forest?

Which would you rather have, pizza or tacos?

Again, have fun with the options and cater them to your family.

If you want to take it a step further have someone on each side explain why they chose what they chose.

And if someone doesn’t care they can always stand in the middle. 🙂

So there you have it!!! A few simple games for your next family reunion that will have you all laughing and learning with each other! 🙂

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Which one do you think you’ll try at your next get-together? Do you have one your family loves to do? Please share with us in the comments below!!! Thanks 🙂

8 thoughts on “Simple Games For Family Reunions That Will Make Them All Laugh

  1. I love the 2 truths and a lie I didn’t think about that fir a family game. I’ve played with my students at school but this would be great for family.

  2. We see our extended family super often, so we might have to modify these a little to use them, but I think this is such a great idea! I also think these would make amazing work ice breakers!

  3. These are some great ideas. We may try the M&M game with Christmas or Thanksgiving with the family. I have played the Coke or Pepsi game in my classroom to review for upcoming tests.

  4. These are a great ideas! I will try these at our next family outing.

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