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Yellow rose

Hi, I’m Callie and I’m the sheriff. Sorry, that’s the title song to my LO (little one’s) favorite show right now (Sheriff Callie). Let me try that again. Hi, I’m Cassie! (whew) I’m a single, stay-at-home mom, living with my parents trying to get back on my feet but also appreciating the support and time with my parents.

I started out my adult life studying and getting a degree in Psychology. Until one of my professors told me that psychology was not about telling people what to do but helping them figure it out on their own.

Well, ha, never mind then! Just kidding –sort of.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others, whether it be in health, finance, travel. Just to name a few.

I have learned over the years that we all, myself included, have to find our own ways to make things work and that one way is not always the best way.

Yes, my professor was right, in terms of life too. We all have to figure it out ourselves but we can all get help along the way.

With that said, I hope to share a little bit of my love and support in finding your right way to your own white sands and cool breezes through this blog/my posts. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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