5 Football Basics To Enjoy The Next Game

5 Football Basics To Enjoy The Next Game

Looking to learn some simple football basics?  

A football laying on a field with text overlay – Football basics to enjoy the next game.
Football field with text overlay – Football basics for a first-time watcher.
Football players playing a game with text overlay – 5 football basics so you can enjoy the next game.

Just enough to understand the game and maybe actually enjoy it a little? 

Well, my plan is to see if I can keep this to about 5 items.  

But…. we’ll see how it goes lol.  

I do promise though that I will keep it simple.  

Either be keeping it in easy terms or by hopefully explaining it well enough.  

With that being said, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below if it’s still confusing and would like a little more explanation!!! 

Now, just for a little background information.  

Learning Football Basics

I grew up watching football, coming from a small town in the midwest.  

I remember my parents taking me to our local college football games. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or if it’s true ( I guess I need to ask :)), but I loved imitating the cheerleaders.

After that, it was trying out in junior high to be a football cheerleader and making it!!! 

One of the biggest shocks in my life but one that helped shape it that’s for sure! 

I was a football cheerleader for 5 years (didn’t make it my senior year- that’s a whole other story :)) 

I also was in the marching band during my four years in high school. My band director was super cool about letting me, and actually, two other girls do cheerleading and marching band.  

Ok, sorry feel like I’m getting off-topic.  

All that to say, I’ve been around football since I was young and love it!! 

So much so I’m always trying to get others to love it as much as I do! 

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And that’s why I’m doing this post.  

I’m hoping to give you enough to be able to watch a game and at least enjoy it.  

Rather than being lost or just feeling overwhelmed with it all.  

And let me just say, yes, there can be a lot to overwhelm you.  

With the terminology, all the players, position names, etc.

But again I’m going to do my best to break it down so it’s more enjoyable.  

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Ok, let’s dig in.  


This is one of the first football basics to learn – two teams play against each other.  

Don’t worry about how many players are on each team.  

Just figure out which team is wearing which color.  

It doesn’t matter whether you go with the pants, top (Jersey), or helmet. 

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Whichever one helps you know which team is which is the important football basics here.  

If the colors are similar this may be harder, you’ll then need to look at the graphics on their helmets to match them with the team name.

One team will be on the right side of the field heading left.  

The other is on the left heading right.  

The Field 

You’ll see lots of lines, some numbers and depending, some pictures.  

For the most part, you can ignore all of it.  

But if you care, you’ll see a big 50 in the middle of the field.  

The left-hand side of the 50 is being defended by the team on the left and vise versa. 


The end zone, the last 10 yards on each end of the field, is the scoring area.  

A team can score two (2) different ways.  

Running the ball in.  

Passing the ball into the end zone and someone catching it.  

Now, if one of these two ways to score has happened then the team gets a bonus turn to score.  

In this case, they actually get three (3) choices.  

  • Kicking it through the uprights (the poles at either end of the field). This is the most common but you will sometimes still see these other two.  
  • Running it in.  
  • Passing it in.  

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.  

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Length of Game 

It’s broken into four (4) quarters of 15 minutes each.  

Now, you’re probably asking why the games take so long, lol.  

Well, I’ve learned that in general, a quarter will take at least 30 minutes, if not longer because of penalties, time-outs, etc. 

How The Game Is Played

O.k., so I know I left this football basic for last, but I wanted to give the steps to get here first.

So, it’s really a simple process.

Each team gets four (4) tries to go 10 yards toward their goal.

That’s 10 of those lines on the field.

As long as they get at least 10 yards then they get another four (4) tries to go another 10.

If they don’t manage to go at least 10 yards then they will kick the ball to the other team.

At that point, the other team works to go the 10 yards, each turn.

Just like scoring, they can either run or throw the ball to try to get the 10 yards.

And again, whoever has the most points at the end of the four (4) quarters wins the game.

In Conclusion

So, I made it in five (5) 🙂 sort of.

I hope this was simple enough, yet explained enough to help you enjoy your next game!

Now go pick a team and enjoy 🙂 

Do you think any of these football basics will help you enjoy the next game you watch? Please share it with us in the comments below so we can all learn. Thanks!