Quiet – Thought for the Every Day

Quiet – Thought for the Every Day

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Ah, quiet.

Do any of us even know what quiet sounds like anymore? Do you ever experience quiet in your daily life?

Does it scare you little when it’s quiet (if you have little ones you know what they say!). Does the thought of it make you a little uncomfortable? Because then you’ll be alone with your thoughts?

Well, I say – allow yourself to be quiet. Enjoy the few, rare moments of silence you might encounter during your days.

An hour would be fantastic wouldn’t it? Most of us would fall over if they actually had an hour in their day to be quiet. But would you take it? Would that uncomfortableness stop you from taking it?

Or are you thinking, there’s no way you can have a moment of silence in your day? Are you sure?

Could you make a moment of quiet? And no, I’m not talking about waking up earlier or staying up later than your family. Unless that would work for you!

I personally am not interested in getting up earlier or staying up later. But I feel like there can still be times during your day to find your quiet place.

I challenge you to try it. Don’t feel like it has to be long, like that hour that I mentioned. Try it for just one minute!

How about when you’re driving? Turn off the music and allow yourself some quiet time. Enjoy the scenery, yes, even if it is buildings and cement.

How about when you shower? Try to not think about all the things you have to do and everything that worries and stresses you out but enjoy the sound of the water falling, how it feels, the warmth.

Now, let’s look at this another way. We talked about the idea of finding your quiet place, right? Basically finding moments in your day to not have any talking, music, etc.

So, how about now trying to quiet your thoughts, your worries, your fears.

Do you ever find that you have lots of thoughts and ideas running through you mind when you’re trying to fall asleep? It’s annoying isn’t it? Guess what, it’s because it’s quiet and your brain is finally having time to process things. Now, don’t get worried. It’s normal – trust me!

Are you looking here for a suggestion? My number one tip is to get a notepad of some sort with a pencil/pen and keep it by your bedside table. When you think of something go ahead and write it down. Anything and everything. That great invention, the thing you need to remember to take the next day, the phone call you need to make, what you want to say in the phone call.

Yes, it may feel obtrusive at first always rolling over to write stuff down but ultimately to know you won’t forget it will allow your mind to relax. And let me just tell you how much this helps me. When I don’t do this there are nights when it takes hours to fall asleep.

Another way to try and quiet your body. Allow yourself to sit down and rest for a moment. Or maybe even better yet do some stretches. You’ve been busy all day. Your body could use a nice little stretch at the end of the day, or even for that matter during the day to help you push through, to relax.

Want to find your quiet place? It's not as hard as you think! Find out how..

Where do you find your quiet place? How do you find your quiet?

Please share with all of us below in the comments so we can all find a way to quiet ourselves.

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18 thoughts on “Quiet – Thought for the Every Day

  1. Allowing yourself moments of quiet is so important for your well being. I love to practise mindfulness meditation, or simply enjoy a quiet walk on my own. It’s a great way to destress and unwind ♡.

  2. Meditation first thing in the morning is so important

  3. I can truly say that I miss the quiet. It is never quiet in my house and when they are finally in bed, I can finally think.

  4. A nice hot shower really does the trick for me!

  5. Quiet time has to come first thing in the morning for me. I get up before everyone else in my house and take that time to relax and enjoy some peace before the day gets started. An end of day time would be nice to unwind.

  6. This is something I remember my parents were so big on! They didn’t want us to always have the tv or music running. They said it’s important to learn to be alone and quiet and it be ok! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  7. Picking up a book does the trick for me. I can zone off and get lost in my own world of fantasy easily. After an hour of reading or so, I feel rejuvanized and have a better clarity on things.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

  8. Great reminders! I like the idea of keeping a pen and pad of paper next to the bed – I’m always struck by ideas at the weirdest times, and seldom get them written down.

  9. When we are quiet, many thought comes in place. Meaningful

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