Thought for the Every Day – Breathe

Thought for the Every Day – Breathe

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Top of a mountain view of a green valley with blue skies above. With the word Breathe.



Inhale. Feel the air flow into and through your body. O.K., I don’t mean to sound like an exercise instructor but try it. This is the first day of spring and you know what that means? Things are changing! The trees, plants, animals are waking up from the doldrums of winter and are starting to move about. So, go outside and take a breath. Can you smell spring in the air? I know, for some of you maybe not, and for some of you spring was like a month ago. But don’t let that stop you from moving from the doldrums of winter and breathing in spring.

Do you need a break? Take a breath. Are you angry? Take a breath. Are you anxious? Take a breath.

Now, take a deep breath. Our bodies and brains need the air. Does that feel a bit better? I know, not life changing – necessarily – but it’s always good.  Throughout your day, remember to breathe.

Take a deep breath now and then. Whether you’re stressed, excited or just plain exhausted. Breathe. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take any extra time out of your day – you’re doing it anyway (probably just not mindfully). And in the long run your body and brain with thank you.

Are you frustrated? Take a breath. Are you sad or depressed? Take a breath. Are you overwhelmed? Take a breath.

So remember, don’t forget to breathe. Sounds crazy, we always hear this, right? But seriously, have you ever found yourself holding your breath? Or just too scared, angry, frustrated, (fill in your term here) that you are taking very shallow breathes? It happens and it will happen again, it’s the way life works, but when it does try to take a step back and take a good, long, deep breath!

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