6 Reasons you hate to fly.

6 Reasons you hate to fly.

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6 Reasons you hate flying & how to overcome them! It doesn't involve money!

Do you hate to fly? Do you just dread it?

I love to fly! The fun, the adventure, the excitement. And with it being Memorial Day and the official kick-off to summer I thought I’d share some ideas on how to overcome some of the reasons you hate flying and enjoy this great travel season!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my moments but overall, if I could travel several times a year I would be in heaven.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. What about the long lines. The long waits. The small seats. The screaming kids. For that matter, the kicking-the-back-of-your-seat kids. The small bathrooms.

Doesn’t sound appealing at all does it? Well, no, they are not the most pleasant parts of flying but they don’t have to be the parts that you hate either.

Have you ever traveled somewhere you’ve never been? Were you so super excited that you just couldn’t wait until you got there? Think of flying the same way, even if it’s for work and even if you’ve been to where you’re going before. There are always new things to explore wherever you’re going, even if you believe you have no time to do so.

Consider this:

Some people never get the chance to fly. They don’t have the funds. They don’t have the accessibility.

And then you have those people who just don’t ever want to. They don’t trust it. They are too scared or simply they are afraid of heights and just couldn’t.

I feel sad for all these people for the great experiences and opportunities they are missing. No, I’m not saying you can’t have great experiences and opportunities by driving or taking a train somewhere but flying gives you so many more destinations.

I know someone who never flew until they were in their 40’s. Is this you? Do you think you’re just too old now to fly? I say, HOGWASH!!!!!!!!

Take life by the horns and go out there and explore somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and don’t tell me there’s nowhere you want to go or no one to go with.

I felt that way for a long time. No one would want to go to the places I want to go but guess what, talking with a few friends I have found people who would love to go to the same places, or for that matter different places I would never have even considered.

As for all those hates and dreads I mentioned in the beginning?

Long lines:

Long Lines can be skirted by arriving early enough and/or doing all you checking in and bag check in’s on line before arriving. The self-serve lines are typically much shorter. And if you can go without checking in a bag even better. You can skip the check-in at the airport, if done ahead of time before arriving at the airport.


Now, in terms of the security lines, I have found it can be a case-by-case basis based on the airport you’re flying from. For example, La Guardia in New York City is actually made up of four separate terminals. Each terminal only being home to one to a few airlines. Each terminal had its own security line. Thus less wait time because fewer airlines, fewer people.

Now, the Denver airport has several terminals but they are all connected to each other. Everyone goes through the same, one security area. (Well, that’s not completely true. If you travel a lot through the airport you know there is another smaller security area leading to the first terminal. I found this check point and always used it. I still sometimes got crowded but never what the bigger security area was like). So, if you’re traveling through a smaller airport the lines may not be bad. If it’s a big airport be prepared.

6 Things you absolutely hate about flying and how to overcome them! It doesn't involve money.


Waiting….. is inevitable. Unless you’d like to be that person running for their flight as the doors are closing and/or have already closed. I, myself, am not interested in that kind of stress. No Thank You!!! And anyway, these days, airports have wi-fi and charging stations. There is no reason you couldn’t still get ‘work’ done while waiting at the airport. Or for that matter, take it as a chance to relax. Walk around the terminal, look through the magazine rack, browse the souvenir section or grab a bite to eat. I know it can be expensive but if you didn’t bring those things with you then why not splurge?

Small seats/bathrooms:

The small seats and small bathrooms…well….unless you have the money those are inevitable too. I know, the seats are not the most comfortable and I’ve had the pleasure of being in them for a few 12 hour flights. What to do? Get up and walk around. Not only is it acceptable but it is suggested (as long as the seat belt sign is not turned on). It’s not good to sit for long periods of time and I’m sure you’d need to go to that small bathroom at some point anyway, right? Or do stretches at your seat. I know, not easy either but it can be done and without being to conspicuous.  The bathroom – just be prepared for a tiny space. There is no counter space to speak of so if you can put together a little hanging toiletry bag that will be your best bet.

Screaming kids:

Screaming and kicking kids. In all my years of travel I have definitely experienced more screaming crying kids than kicking kids. And no, it’s not pleasant either and no, there is nothing you can do about it except try to put yourself in their shoes. The child might be tired, hungry, scared or have pressure in their ears. You wouldn’t be happy if one or all of those things were happening to you too.

Try to have sympathy, because unless the parents are ignoring their children, they are doing everything they can think of to settle their little one. On one of my last flights, my little one started crying before we even got on the plane, and unfortunately it didn’t stop once we did. I could see it in the eyes of the other passengers as they boarded, smiling and I’m sure thinking, ‘great, we’ve got the crying kid!’. Well, this was a case of way tired. Nothing my mom or I did was working. But once the plane took off he was settled and then fell fast asleep. The kicking can be addressed with the child or the parent if it is that unbearable. Otherwise, try to make friends with the kid. You might get a best friend quick.

So, all in all, there will always be things about flying that are either unavoidable or out of your control. If you can go with the flow it will be a much better trip and you might even find yourself enjoying it. The things that are in your control, are exactly that. A positive attitude is half the battle!!!

Enjoy your trip!!!!! Love it!!

What are some of the reasons you don’t like to fly? I’d love to hear about them!

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