Peace- Thought for the Every Day

Peace- Thought for the Every Day

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I know, it’s something different to think about isn’t it. Even as I write this post, I’m thinking to myself, we don’t normally think of it as something in our lives. We think of the ‘World Peace’ idea. Something that’s global. That is ‘out there’. But how often do we think of peace as it relates to our own lives?

Can such a thing even exist?

In this world of differences?

I believe it can.

And I don’t think it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I have been blessed to have traveled to many different countries, many that are first world countries and a couple that are third world countries. And one thing I’ve learned is that we are all basically the same. And with that sameness I feel like we could, as a world, find peace.

But I want us to look at ourselves. Our own lives. Our own worlds.

What does peace mean to you?

Where do you find your peace?

Sitting alone in your room looking out a window? Reading a book? Cuddling with a loved one? Hiking in the woods? Climbing a mountain? Canoeing on a lake? Driving? Painting? Listening to music? I could list so many more, right?

Peace, like many other things can come in many different forms. No one person’s definition is the same. And that’s o.k. In fact, it’s a wonderful thing that peace can be so diverse.

When was the last time you felt at peace?

Just today? Yesterday? Last week? Last month?

Does it feel like it’s been waaaaay to long since you’ve felt peace in your life?

We all know it isn’t always easy, and it shouldn’t be, but inside all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives let’s try to find a little time here and there to be at peace. With ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, our community, our world.

Here is where you’re asking, but how Cassie, right?

I’m glad you asked.

See the ideas above? The one about cuddling, driving, listening? Chose one of those! Or better yet try to take a minute, whether it be in the bathroom (I know I think better in the bathroom 🙂 ), if you ever get alone time in the bathroom (having a 2 year old means not too much of that for me 🙂 )  or when you’re heading to bed to think about what it would take for you to feel at peace. Where would you need to go or what would you need to do?

Now, I don’t want you to think in grand terms. I know a trip to a deserted island would do wonders but unless you have the money and the time that’s not feasible.

I want you to think about the small things you could do. In fact, how about just starting with that time in the bathroom or heading to bed options and times to give yourself some peace. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to let go of the stress of the day, the stress of life and to appreciate the little things.

I hope that you will be able to find peace in your lives this week, this month, this year and throughout your lifetime.

How do you find peace in your life? I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts! Please share in the comments sections for everyone.

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