5 Must Have and Helpful Nursery Needs

5 Must Have and Helpful Nursery Needs

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5 Must Have and Helpful Nursery Needs. A crib, diaper pail, music, humidifier and rocker/glider. Also a few needs that aren't needed.
5 Must Have and Helpful Nursery Needs. A crib, diaper pail, music, humidifier and rocker/glider. Also a few needs that aren't needed.
5 Must Have and Helpful Nursery Needs

Are you preparing for a baby? Is someone in your family getting ready to welcome a new edition?

Are you wondering what you need? How much you really need or have to get to really be prepared for when they come home?

I feel like I did so much research after I found out I was pregnant in terms of what I needed for the baby. One thing you will see a lot of are nursery ideas. How to decorate, what colors – are you going to find out before you deliver what you are going to have?, what furniture you need, etc..

Ultimately it comes down to the basics and then you can expand from there.

Ultimately, your nursery needs come down to the basics.

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I knew, because of my circumstances, that my little one was not going to have his own nursery, and I did find out before I delivered that I was going to be having a baby boy πŸ™‚ But not having his own room didn’t negate the need for the basics.

I’m going to share with you the items I think are essential for a ‘nursery’ and I’m also going to share with you those items I asked for becasue I thought it’d either be nice to have and/or everywhere tells you you should ask for them on your registry but are not necessary and will share with you why and what you already have that can be used instead.

Essential Nursery Needs:

Yes, of course a crib/bassinet is a necessity. It will be where your little one will sleep during naps and at night.

We went with the Sorelle Princeton 4-in 1 Convertible Crib and Changer. The crib is adjustable in terms of being able to have the mattress higher while the baby is still little and lowered as the baby started to get older and more active. The drawers are nice to have as part of the crib so that things can be easily accessible. And the shelves I used for storage of extras so, again, they’d be close at hand when needed. Having the changing table attached is great too although we probably only used it a few times and then really only at nights since it was convenient.

Side Note: It may take awhile for the sleep in their crib thing to happen. I ‘experimented’ with different options myself and I’ll fully admit, for the longest, and I do mean longest, time my little guy was held during naps. Not because he was fussy or wouldn’t sleep in his crib but because I wanted that time with him. Knowing he was going to be my only child I chose to take advantage of that time.

Plus, at least for the first three months or so after being born, you will hear it being referred to as the 4th trimester, your baby is still adjusting to being outside the womb and still enjoys being curled up and snuggled up against you.Β A great way to help with this if you are out and about or even at home but are planning on getting doing some work around they house while they sleep, consider getting a Moby wrap. It allows you to be hands-free and your baby snuggled right up against you.


Our house Β is always very dry during the winter Β and since my little guy was born during winter it only made since to have one of these. We went with the Vick’s Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier. This great guy does the job of a night light and a humidifier! It cycles through around 10 different color shades all displaying stars and a moon on the ceiling. And it even has two different modes – max (what I would consider normal) and sleep mode. I’ve always only used it on sleep mode, sometimes I have to double check I even turned it on it’s that quiet! Although, I guess, as I think about it, it can certainly be used as white noise if you left it on the max mode.

Diaper pail

So this is one of those things you will want to have! Many diaper pails these days have so many great features that you’ll find really helpful. Our diaper pail of choice: The Playtex Diaper Genie with Odor Lock Technology. It has a spot for a carbon filter which will help with the odor and has a built-in bag cutter so no worries about finding scissors when you’re trying to desperately change out the bag πŸ™‚ And they even come in different colors – why not πŸ˜‰


So many options to choose from! I went with a basic rocker/glider with ottoman and it has been a great choice, even now. It wasn’t too difficult to assemble and one of the best parts of it are the pockets on the arms. The first months the pockets, I’ll be honest, were used more for items for me, a book or my laptop – for those nap times I told you Β about where I would hold him. But now it’s been great for holding his favorite nap time or bedtime books. So much handier than having to get up every minute to get a different book!

Our rocker/glider is right next to his crib so it’s sort of become a book shelf too. He’s able to reach for the books when he wakes up a bit early in the mornings or is taking his time waking up from nap.


Music is one thing we didn’t have initially but decided on quickly to start using. Not only did it give us something to sing along with while we are settling down for naps and bedtime but I think, and hope, it’s something that’s ‘comforting’ to him when we are on trips. I have the music on an old cell phone and I use that during sleep time when we’re not at home.

Non-essential Nursery Needs:
Crib set

Oh, I know, it’s so tempting. And everywhere you look on-line, on Pinterest, at the stores, talking with friends and family, you see crib sets. And I even asked for one and got it! The Lambs & Ivy Bow Wow crib set was so adorable I couldn’t pass it up but in all honesty your baby doesn’t know and doesn’t care. It is for you, your family and friends that will come over. So by all means, go for it. I have found ways to use some of the items in other ways but truly using it as it’s meant to be just didn’t happen for me.


Another item that sounds so great to have, doesn’t it? Hangers to put all you baby’s clothes up in the closet, all organized and sorted. If you have a separate room as your nursery that has a closet then these might be nice. And certainly as a ‘starter kit’ they aren’t bad to have but a lot! of baby’s clothes come on hangers. Not only that but more than likely they are already labeled too with the size of the clothes hanging on them. O.k., so no, it doesn’t look ‘fancy’ Β but unless you have lots of dress baby clothes that need to be hung up then these aren’t really a necessity.

Diaper pail

Yup, you caught me πŸ™‚ I did mention about that a diaper pail is a necessity in a nursery but you know what? You probably already have a trash can, or several in your home? Do you have any that already have lids? Then why not just go out and buy the diaper pail bags?! For that matter,even if you don’t have a trash can that has a lid these bags will still work. And they still come with odor elimination to help with those lovely smells πŸ™‚
There you go! I hope this list is helpful to you, and will at least get you started on having everything you need, or at least the basics πŸ™‚Β  for your little one coming home!

What items do you consider must have? What items have you found that are really not necessary? I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to share below in the comments. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “5 Must Have and Helpful Nursery Needs

  1. I like the addition of the non-essential nursery needs.

  2. We didnt have any of these items except the music! The only thing that really saved our life. We are dont shop a lot unless we really really need it but I could spend millions of dollar just for a music box!

  3. I’m having another niece/nephew soon. This post is a great help. Thanks!

  4. My babies cosleep and we haven’t had luck with a diaper pail. It’s so interesting and personal to see what each mother finds essential for babies! I love it. Great list and I do love a rocker and some music for baby. My fourth has his own song- as soon as I turn it on, he calms and goes to sleep!

  5. That rocker looks so comfortable! Awesome list, thank you for sharing! No kids yet for me, but bookmarking for later πŸ™‚

    • Awesome πŸ™‚ Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve put an extra pillow under me and on both sides of me for even more cushioning but it is a great rocker. Can’t go wrong with a rocker πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  6. I can second all these nursery needs. I think the only thing that we didn’t have was a humidifier. And the rocker in your post looks a lot more comfortable than the rocking chair that we had!

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