Settle – Thought for the Every Day

Settle – Thought for the Every Day

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Quote by Ann Brashares - "Your problem isn't the problem, it's your attitude about the problem."
Settle - Thought for the Every Day.
Settle. Your mind, your heart and your soul!


When was the last time you settled for something?

Today, yesterday?

Was it something small, like having a slice of apple pie when you really would have rather had something chocolate?  Or was it something big, like accepting a job offer that you really didn’t want but you knew you needed to take?

We all do it, possibly even daily.

Is that a big deal? No, not in terms of the apple pie for the chocolate and not even necessarily the job offer you don’t really want.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
-William Shakespeare

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I believe everything can be viewed as a lesson to be learned and you know one thing I’ve learned the older I get? You do not always have to stay where you are. Not physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually – you get the picture.

With that being said, you may have to/need to ‘stay’ where you are but understand and know that you will have to live with those decisions for the rest of your life.

But that’s not to say we shouldn’t push ourselves to not settle.

Do you feel like something in your life isn’t right? Whether it be a relationship, your job, your friends or anything.

Allow yourself time to evaluate your surroundings and see if there is anything that can, or should be changed. But don’t think in terms of everything, or all of something. Changing one little part of something can be enough to put things on a better path, even if it’s just a better mental path.

And, we’ve probably all heard and/or seen this:

“Your problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem.”
― Ann Brashares


How about we switch gears completely and think about settling a different way:



Settling your brain, body and thoughts.

In this day and age of cellphones, gaming systems, multiple jobs just to barely eke through a week, it can feel impossible to find a moment to settle yourself.

Are you always planning, thinking, worrying, strategizing?

Is your brain running a hundred miles a minute at night when you’re desperately trying to get much needed sleep? Yea, I know, me too! This is one opportunity to learn how to settle your brain.

Today, find time to settle your mind, heart and soul.

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One huge thing that helps me – and I’m not always good at doing it- is to have a paper and pen next to my bed so I can write stuff down when I think of it. Like, did you just remember you needed to pay that bill today but forgot, do you have  a great idea for a recipe, did you forget it’s someone’s birthday coming up?  Writing it down will help alleviate the stress of trying to remember it tomorrow or having to get up and take care of it at that moment.

Another is to just try to let go. Stop allowing those things to keep running through your mind. I know, this can take some work. The easiest and/or best way to try and accomplish this is to think of some happy things, pray or just try and focus on your breathing or the feeling of sleep you know you’re feeling but for some reason are fighting.

Do you find time in your busy day to settle yourself? What do you do? When do you find time? Please share below in the comments for everyone! Thanks 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Settle – Thought for the Every Day

  1. Joslynn wassing

    I love this!
    I recently went through a depression and all I could think about was how I was stuck in the same place in my mind.
    I decided I was not going to settle for this anymore and have changed my whole outlook on life. I’m doing so much better now

  2. Writing things down really helps me too!!ive found it to be more relaxing to write my day down. I’ve really grown to love my monthly planner. Great post, love!

  3. I have a board I usually write down things and pin on it so it’s always in sight..

  4. Great post with quite useful thought. I’ve been in stress after My baby’s birth and yes writing things down takes off all the stress.

  5. This is a great reminder to put down to electronics and connect with those in my life that I didn’t settle for but was gifted with. It’s interesting how many different ways the word settle can be used and all the different meanings. Thanks for the thought provoking post!

  6. I need to do that. My mind is so full of this and that it is easy for me to get sidetracked. Thank you for the great post!

  7. I no longer settle for things/people that/whom don’t bring me joy. Life is better this way.

  8. Something very good to think about when you’re feeling down and things don’t seem to be going right. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Cool perspective! The word ‘settle’ typically has such a negative connotation. I like how you reexamined it.

  10. So much great information in this post. I found it very helpful!

  11. Great read, I actually needed this today! My head has been all over the place. Going to take time to slow down, relax and keep reading this blog!

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